Three Months on the Ketogenic Diet

I began my ketogenic lifestyle change on the third Saturday of January, 2019. My wife and I decided to go keto in support of my eldest son who wanted to do the keto diet. My hope was to take advantage of the low carbs and maybe get off of my type-2 diabetes medications. During the ensuing few weeks my blood glucose levels were consistantly in the 70s, even as low as 62. Exactly four weeks after I started keto I made the decision to stop taking all four medications that I had been taking: glipizide and metformin for my diabetes, and lisinapryl and atorvastatin which I was taking ‘to protect my heart and kidneys”.

Two days ago I paid a visit to my doctor for my annual well check physical. It was exactly 3 months since I began my keto diet and two months since I had stopped taking any medications. I had blood drawn for the lab. I sat anxiously waiting to hear my hemoglobin A1C result which my doctor does in house. Moments before the doctor entered my examination room, I heard him ask the nurse, “Whose A1C is this? Is this his? Wow!” Doctors use the A1C test to diagnose pre-diabetes (A1C 5.7 to 6.4) and diabetes (A1C 6.5 and above). My A1C was 6.1. Six months earlier it was 8.8. Three months earlier it was 7.7. My new keto lifestyle has helped me become pre-diabetic instead of diabetic. Now my goal is to move from pre-diabetic to normal (A1C below 5.7) by the end of August, 2019. Wish me luck!!

UPDATE: Today I received my full lab results. Eight years ago, when I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, I was told that I had dangerously high triglycerides. At that time my triglycerides were at 1177. My most recent triglycerides in November 2017 were 535. They should be less than 150. Today I saw my new lab results: triglycerides 99!!! Keto works!